Complex Family Law Litigation

The attorneys at Johnson, Cassidy, Newlon & DeCort, P.A. have extensive business litigation and financial experience, routinely representing companies and their owners.  This experience is invaluable in representing clients in dissolution actions where business valuation, ownership issues, and/or the division of business or other significant assets is critical.  Many of our clients in dissolution actions are concerned about the protection of their property, family business, professional practices, or other significant assets, and high net worth dissolution matters are often contested because of these valuation issues.  We are prepared to advise clients on the protection of their real property, business assets, stocks, bonds, securities, and inheritances.  With our in-depth knowledge of valuation terminology, methods, and processes, we are able to protect our clients’ business interests throughout a divorce.  Our attorneys are able to structure property settlements, mediate parenting and custody issues, analyze income and wealth issues, and protect the value of both tangible and intangible marital assets.  We have a wealth of experience, enabling us to recognize when it is appropriate to litigate aggressively and when to negotiate effectively in order to settle fairly.