Non-Compete Litigation

Johnson & Cassidy regularly represents companies that are seeking to enforce non-compete, non-solicitation, and non-acceptance agreements against former employees and contractors, as well as individuals who have received cease and desist letters or have been sued by their former employers alleging violations of such agreements.  We also represent employers that have hired employees subject to restrictive covenant agreements.  The non-compete litigators at Johnson & Cassidy first work to gain a complete understanding of the nuances and unique complexities of the dispute, the client, and the client’s goals, then work with the client to develop and implement appropriate enforcement or defense strategies.  Firm clients in non-compete matters include large corporations, small companies, and individuals.  Johnson & Cassidy’s attorneys have a wealth of experience litigating restrictive covenant cases in state and federal courts, so we understand the disturbances they can cause to businesses and individuals alike.  Our outcome-oriented approach to these matters focuses on reaching expedient, cost-effective results with minimal risk.  We are Tampa Bay’s non-compete lawyers.