Transportation Litigation

Johnson, Cassidy, Newlon & DeCort, P.A. has extensive experience assisting land owners in obtaining permits for driveway connections, median openings and traffic control devices. Such access issues are guided by standards which must often be weighed with practicality and the idea that all properties should have access to the roads they abut.  We have handled many of these matters, as well as those where government wishes to close or restrict a connection or median opening.  The use of experienced traffic engineers in these matters is essential and we have seasoned engineering consultants that we can add to the team to work toward a successful outcome.  We also have experience in assisting advertisers with obtaining permits to construct and maintain outdoor advertising signs along the state’s roadways, and have handled administrative proceedings related to denying or revoking an ODA permit.  Outdoor advertising signs are often the subjects of eminent domain takings and the owners enjoy all of the same rights as any other property owner in such a proceeding.  Finally, our experience extends to assisting property and business owners who are displaced due to a governmental taking.   While government tries hard to help displacees, the process is often rigorous and can result in some legitimate claims left unpaid.   Our goal is to ensure that all claims properly presented are paid, including litigating these matters in administrative proceedings where necessary.  Look to Johnson, Cassidy, Newlon & DeCort, P.A. to provide the background and skills necessary in litigating these matters.